Listening to dance music in the middle of the night.

 I helped a friend do something she needed done. It was a favor for a friend so I didn’t even think twice about doing it. The response we got in the span of 4 hours was amazing. It taught me something really valuable. I have been holding back from doing these same things for myself out of fear that I still need to practice writing and putting content together. Today, I proved myself wrong. It felt good.

It made me think of this show that I am binge watching with my kids right now, where one of the characters said that we are all faking it until we figure out what we are doing. I have always battled with feeling like I am never really going to be good enough.

I am not a perfect writer, and even though it’s a big goal of mine to become a better writer, I need to stop thinking I can’t try reaching out and doing something simply because I haven’t reached the standard I have set for myself. I need to just jump jack, and trust that I will figure it out along the way.

So my goal right now has been tipped and turned a little. My new, improved immediate goal is clear. I need to work hard and be humble. If I am not perfect, then I am not, and that’s okay.

When I was younger I was filled with a crazy, passionate energy. I felt like I could do anything, and it had nothing to do with my skills. Everything I have done in my life was because I didn’t think too much about what I was doing. I would see something that I thought looked fun and just dive right in. Looking back, every single one of those experiences were the best. They were the ones I learned the most from. I have learned so much, I have grown so much, I have become an even better version of myself. That’s one of the greatest byproducts of living, if we do it right, we will only get better and better. There was a TED talk, where a guy made a calendar that represented all the weeks of a typical person’s life. The only thing I am missing between my younger self and now are a few weeks on that calendar  so that means it’s time to get to work.