LIfe in motivation

I love looking through pinterest posts and imagine what life could be like in those shoes. I love going onto Etsy and reading how others have gotten their start at doing something they love. I love whenever I can run out to take care of some errands and go at my own slow and steady pace, watching the world around me as it carries on. 

  It’s interesting, these interconnected stories that go along with each moment. How many of them realized where they would be right now, had they thought about it a year ago, five years ago. No matter how much you plan or how much control you think you have, if you only stop for a moment you tend to notice, there really is no such thing. Really living means that you make the choices that fit with who you are. That you create goals and ideas and try to live by them, to stand up for their importance when others try to knock them down. But that’s all it is, there is no guarantee. We are not able to walk this path perfectly, and there is a good reason why we do not. We cannot create the outcome, but we should embrace the journey as we get there. Fill it with what makes you able to sleep at night, and what makes you eager to get up and start another day.

   Sometimes opportunity comes knocking but you hide behind the curtain and don’t answer the door because you have the wrong idea about how it got there, or what it will mean for you, but if you open up your mind a little and listen, you will hear something worth hearing. I am almost sure of it. Image