In my head…

I know what I want. To live somewhere where I can be outside, where the town is small enough to be connected but big enough to be open minded and curious about the world around it. I would love to own the land and the home on it,  though more land than home is my goal. I want to live as simply as possible,  using all we have to the fullest and not having things just to take them for granted.

The place where I live now makes all this feel almost impossible. This morning however, I asked myself; Why couldn’t I try to challenge myself? after all, I went to the local outdoor market a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by all the people I found who live comfortable within some niches that I really didn’t think could exist around here.

So, yes, perhaps it would be a challenge but why not try to just be myself in this place. Even though that puts me a little out of place with all the other things that are around here I could wing it, and who knows, if nothing else I will be happier and in the long run, perhaps my joy could rub off on others. industrial-jan2013